Facilities and Support Services

Pathmark has a modern and well‑organized office located at Segunbagicha. The air‑ conditioned office is fully furnished to provide a congenial environment for research and consultancy job.  Facilities and support services of the organization are described below:


Computer Resources

Pathmark Associates Limited has adequate computer resources to develop applications software in high level programming language and processing research data by using application packages. It has also the facilities to conduct training programme to user organizations. Besides, the organization has access to Mini and Mainframe Computer for large scale data processing jobs.


Conference, Seminar and Training Facilities

Pathmark Associates Limited has two conference rooms with adequate arrangement to conduct seminar, meetings etc.  It has a  training room to accommodate 40 persons at a time.  This facility is used to train field staff and nominated persons of client organizations.


Secretarial Services

There is  adequate arrangement for secretarial functions.  There are English and Bengali type writers (Electronic) and other equipment.


Reproduction Services

The organization has sufficient reproduction facilities ‑ photocopier machines and arrangement for paper cutting and binding.   There is arrangement with offset printing press for printing of large volume of documents.


Communication Facilities

Pathmark has its own telex, fax, telephone, e-mail, cable code and separate Post Box facilities.


Transport Vehicles

Pathmark Associates Ltd. has a number of transport vehicles for its experts and staff working in Dhaka and in the field.

Credit Facility

Pathmark Associates Limited maintains Accounts with Standard Chartered and Eastern Bank Limited, Dhaka. It has arrangements for credit facilities with the Banks.

Accounting System

Pathmark Associates Limited has an established system of accounting. The Company accounting system is based on double entry system. The company accounts are audited every year.

Project Offices

In addition to above office facilities, Pathmark also maintains 03 project offices in different locations of Dhaka city. The total space for these three offices will be more than 15,000 sft. Each of the offices, again, is equipped with modern facilities – such as computer, telephone, telex, fax, e-mail, photo copier, furniture, air cooler, conference room, vehicle  etc. Lastly, Pathmark has developed an integrated and advanced communication net-work amongst all of its local as well as foreign offices. Pathmark has 44 District and Cluster Level Field Offices in Dhaka, Rahshahi and Barisal Division.